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A Little Joy, situated in the Target Centre, prides itself on providing the most authentic Shanghai style food in the Melbourne marketplace.
“We haven’t changed the recipe too much because we want the local people to taste real Chinese food,” A Little Joy commented.
A Little Joy, a boutique eat-in, take-away outlet, was opened in July 2018.
A Little Joy’s signature dish is its yummy pan-fried buns. The ‘best buns in Melbourne’ come in three different flavours – pork, vegetable and prawn.
“Our pan-fried buns have all the quality and flavour you would expect in China,” A Little Joy management said.
A Little Joy has also earned acclaim for its handmade soybean milk.
“We don’t use the usual soy bean powder that you mix with water, we use the real soybean,” they said.
A Little Joy menu has more than 25 full and side dishes.
Xiao long Bao Shanghai pork dumplings, Wonton soup, beef soup, pork soup and Sumai with pork are among other favourites on the menu.
An exciting, new dish from A Little Joy is its Shanghai noodles with spring onion and soy sauce.
Customers have a wide choice of drinks to compliment the meal. They include its famous soybean milk, plum juice, honey pomelo tea, handshake lemon ice tea and homemade jogurt.
The food served at A Little Joy is prepared fresh every day in the shop.
The outlet’s catchcry is ‘love the beautiful memory of great food’ and customers will vouch that A Little Joy certainly lives up to it!