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Helpful tips to keep you warm and well this winter

Wintertime in Melbourne can be a very cold affair. Some days we get the beautiful sunshine while others we are stuck indoors with the wind howling outside and you can’t feel the tip of your nose for the cold. At Target Centre Melbourne, we have you covered this winter. We have pooled our energy and

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Sometimes you have good hair days and sometimes you have bad. There are so many factors that impact your shiny locks. There is the weather. Hot. Cold. Humid. Dry. Then there is the wind. And then of course there is the rain. The key thing is to make sure you stay on top of what

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Helpful tips to keep you hydrated, inside and out

Winter is a time when all you want to do is head indoors and heat up near the fire, a heater or under a warm blanket. Everywhere you go the heat is blasting, and while it is great to escape the cold, it is not great for your hydration levels. Not only can you quickly

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