Helpful tips to keep you warm and well this winter

Wintertime in Melbourne can be a very cold affair. Some days we get the beautiful sunshine while others we are stuck indoors with the wind howling outside and you can’t feel the tip of your nose for the cold.

At Target Centre Melbourne, we have you covered this winter. We have pooled our energy and thoughts into developing some clever #tipsandhacks that will keep you warm and feeling well during the cold, wet weather. So, rug up, grab a cup of tea and settle in for these winter friendly tips.

Tip 1: Eyeliner tricks for winter days

We all know that feeling when you get up in the morning and everything seems like its covered in ice because it’s so cold. You want so desperately to stay under the covers but you have to get ready for the day. Why does it seem that your makeup just won’t go on as easily? That’s because with the cold, sometimes it simply doesn’t want to work as smoothly as usual.

So, on the mornings when you hop out of the shower and go to use your make up, try holding the end of your eyeliner pencil between your hands for around 30 seconds. This will warm the tip so it is much easier and smoother to apply. A simple tip to save you time and money.

If you run out, head to Creelman’s Pharmacy at Target Centre Melbourne where there is a huge range of eyeliners, makeup and perfume that will keep you looking good and feeling great.


Tip 2: No more bad hair days

So now you’re on the road and you have been smart enough to grab a beanie on your way out the door. The problem is, now you are destined for the inevitable ‘hat hair’. This just won’t do, because your outfit is smoking hot and you’re looking a million dollars. A bad hair day can ruin everything.

So, to stop hat hair in its tracks, grab some Dry Shampoo and give your hair a once over when you take your hat off. You will be looking amazing in moments and no one will know your secret beanie wearing ways.


Tip 3: Hot water bottle goodness

Now it’s off to bed. Problem is the lounge room where you have been cosy watching Game of Thrones episodes all night is warm but your bedroom is arctic. How are you going to make the transition to your Pyjamas an enjoyable one? Simple.

About 30 minutes before bed, put the kettle on and fill up a hot water bottle. Then head to your room, and place the hot water bottle in your bed. But before you head off, wrap your Pyjamas around the water bottle. Result? Warm cosy Pyjamas to put on and a snugly warm bed to hop into. Makes things a whole lot better.

Stay tuned for more warming #tipsandhacks this winter.