Clever coffee tips that you had never thought of

We all love a coffee. That moment when you hop off the tram, order your favourite blend at a bustling coffee spot and slowly enjoy as you get ready to start the day. You think to yourself ‘coffee is magic’ and finish the last sip with a smile on your dial, ready to head back to Gloria Jeans Coffees the next day.

But other than for pure enjoyment, what else can coffee do, you ask? Well the possibilities are endless, that’s what the Target Centre Melbourne team discovered when we dug a little deeper on the secrets of the coffee bean. Here are some clever #tipsandhacks for every coffee lover.

TIP 1: Add coffee grounds to your compost

So, you care about the environment. You try to recycle, you do the right thing, and you even started your own compost bin. We envy people like you. In our hunt for coffee secrets we discovered that there is a little secret to the health and vitality of your household compost bin. The secret is in the coffee bean.

Simply adding coffee grounds to your compost will add Nitrogen to the compost bin, making your compost thrive so that you can put it to good use when your good and ready. Who knew?

TIP 2: Dark eye circles can be a thing of the past

Been up studying all night? Maybe working on a late proposal for work? Unfortunately, your colleagues can tell because of those big, dark circles starting to develop under your eyes. You know you need sleep, but for now, you need a solution and fast.

Well just like your morning coffee can make you feel fresh and ready for the day, a good dose of coffee on your skin can help reduce that puffiness and tightening feeling you get when you’re tired. Simply jot some moist, grounded coffee beans under your eyes, wait a while, then wash off and feel the difference. Coffee, you are our hero.

TIP 3: Get creative!

The warmer months are the perfect time to get creative, feeling the sun shine on your back as you channel your inner Monet and try your hand at painting a masterpiece. With paint’s so costly, perhaps you should turn to the humble coffee bean for help. How, you ask?

By diluting used Coffee Grounds with a dash of water, you are actively creating a brilliant non-toxic paint to work with. So, grab your paint brush and some paper, and commence your work of art. If it doesn’t turn out that great, you will always have a good story on how the piece came to be. A terrific example of teaming one creative idea with another!

Remember, Gloria Jeans Coffees at Target Centre Melbourne has all your coffee needs, from freshly made lattes through to beans to grind and use at home.

Stay tuned for more #tipsandhacks