Spring is on its way, but it’s not quite here yet. How do you know? Because your feet almost freeze off every time you leave the house. If there was only a way to wear your warm slippers everywhere. In a perfect world, everyone would wear comfy shoes all the time!

At Target Centre Melbourne, we have more than your feet covered here. Our team have worked to develop some simple #tipsandhacks that will keep your feet warm and cosy all winter long, while making sure you still look good.

Tip 1: Comfortable feet inside and out!

First up, it is important to know that the world has evolved. Gone are the days where slippers were bulky and reserved only for the home or a quick visit to the local Milk Bar. Now, the clever designers at Suttons UGG Australia have been working tirelessly to develop new and exciting ways to wear beautiful, comfortable shoes both inside the home and out. Keeping you looking good and feeling cosy and warm at the same time. It’s like a miracle!

Looking through the store at Target Centre Melbourne reveals a whole lot more than we ever knew about the capabilities of the humble UGG. While we were struggling with our classic high heels and dress shoes, Suttons UGG Australia have been creating intricate and high fashion designs that are turning heads. Love a heel? They have them too, and what’s more, they look great.

So, no need to ditch the slippers at home, now you can confidently step out and show off your new shoes while never revealing your Suttons UGG Australia secret. Now that’s a #tipsandhacks worth sharing.

Tip 2: Warm feet while on the go

So, you need a certain shoe style to go with a certain outfit. We get it. Problem is, those 3 inch heels are not only terrible to drive in but you can also feel the wind around your ankles as you walk. Meaning you get super cold feet throughout the day.

The key is simple. Just remember to keep a pair of your favourite Suttons UGG’s in your car for a quick switch. People will never know your little secret and your feet will feel the warmest they have ever been during your commute. Ah the possibilities.

Tip 3: Wool socks on cold days

Cotton, cotton, cotton. It’s everywhere. It looks good and feels good, but did you know that it might be holding you back from keeping your tootsie’s warm this winter? The fact is, when your feet sweat, and they do even in the cold, cotton socks won’t keep the warmth in and you will end up with freezing cold feet all day long.

The trick is to opt for wool when buying your socks. Go for something that fits snuggly and offers superior moisture management. That way you can keep your feet warmer, for longer.

Another trick is to just opt for Tip One. Job done!

Stay tuned for more #tipsandhacks