Sometimes you have good hair days and sometimes you have bad. There are so many factors that impact your shiny locks. There is the weather. Hot. Cold. Humid. Dry. Then there is the wind. And then of course there is the rain. The key thing is to make sure you stay on top of what your hair needs and of course, what is on trend.

At Target Centre Melbourne, we know that Springtime is a busy season for your hair. We have Spring Racing Carnival. Fashion Festivals. Dinners Out. Dates. The list goes on. So, we have spoken to the experts at Hair to Hair Salon about some of the #tipsandhacks to keep your hair healthy and looking great during this busy and vibrant season.

TIP 1: Don’t over shampoo

First things first, put down the shampoo. Not permanently of course, just on the odd occasion. You see the team at Hair to Hair Salon shared with us that over washing your hair can remove the natural oils from your hair, making it look lifeless, dry and simply dull. By holding off of the everyday wash, your hair will learn to regulate its own oils, bringing out that natural shine between washes. Two to three times a week should be enough, though everyone is different.

If you are unsure of what hair type you have, visit the team at Hair to Hair Salon at Target Centre Melbourne and they will give you great advice and find the right hair solution for you.

TIP 2: Protein makes your hair happy and shiny

Your hair knows what you are eating. That is the overarching message we discovered by rolling up our sleeves and investigating some of the #tipsandhacks to keep your hair looking good. Word on the street, or here in Target Centre Melbourne, is that the key to a rocking style is to add more protein to you diet. What?

That’s right. The team at Hair to Hair Salon said that by adding some beans, nuts, fish, seeds, lean meats or tofu to your diet can make a world of difference to the health of your hair. Not only does it bring out the shine, but it makes your hair strong too. Who would have thought?

TIP 3: Leave it to the professionals

When all else fails and you look in the mirror and are defeated by your hair, you need to call in the professionals. Yes, you can go and routinely get your hair done at the most prestigious hair salon in town, all the while pushing back your dreams of that holiday in the Maldives, but there is also a second option which not only gets the job done well, but it saves the hip pocket as well. We are talking about value. Hear us out.

So, in our ongoing investigation into #tipsandhacks for the health and wellbeing of your hair, we discovered that getting your hair trimmed regularly is the key to healthier ends, a thicker look, less breakage, easier styling and less loose ends. But regular trips to the hair salon can add up, and we found that prices vary greatly from A to B. One place will charge a mountain for something that another place will do for half the price. So, we say, why not make the switch so you can have healthier hair and your trip to your blissful oasis sooner?

The folks at Hair to Hair Salon at Target Centre Melbourne have been in this industry for a long time with experience on what individual hair needs. Make it your regular and you won’t break the bank. Great hair + money saved = our little secret.

Stay tuned for more #tipsandhacks