Helpful tips to keep you hydrated, inside and out

Winter is a time when all you want to do is head indoors and heat up near the fire, a heater or under a warm blanket. Everywhere you go the heat is blasting, and while it is great to escape the cold, it is not great for your hydration levels. Not only can you quickly become dehydrated through drinking less water, your skin also takes a holiday from looking youthful and fresh.

At Target Centre Melbourne, we have you covered on this front. Our team have developed some simple #tipsandhacks that will keep you hydrated, inside and out.

Tip 1: Keeping hydration levels up with Hydrolyte

When it comes to keeping your fluids up, staying on top of it in winter can be like pushing a snowball up a hill. It gets harder and harder as time goes on. The experts say the key is drinking a lot of water, but that can be difficult when it is cold outside and what you really want is a warm cup of tea, a hot chocolate or a freshly made coffee.

Shortcut? Try taking some Hydrolyte, an electrolyte product that will help increase your hydration levels to keep you feeling good. Simply adding a tablet to your water bottle or drinking the pre-prepared drink will change your world. Creelman’s Pharmacy stock a range of different flavours and varieties to make the experience a good one.

You don’t have to dry out this winter, you can feel fresh and ready for the day, every day.

Tip 2: Keeping skin hydrated and fresh

Finally, you have achieved a lovely state of warmth from your office’s heating system. All well and good until you get home and realise that your skin is dryer than the desert. Prolonged exposure to heating systems can dry out both the air and your skin, which means no amount of foundation will make you look bright and fresh, regardless of your efforts.

What you need is a high quality, low cost moisturiser. Something that will rejuvenate your skin and make you feel more hydrated, fresh and ready to take on the day. For an added bonus, opt for one with an SPF of over 30, that way you will keep your skin from drying out while also protecting your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Because remember, although it isn’t warm outside, the sun still can damage your skin in the winter.

Creelman’s Pharmacy has a huge range of skin creams, lotions and moisturisers that will do the job at a great price.

Stay tuned for more #tipsandhacks.